Saturday, July 11

Just testing but i think i can now udate my blog via my phone!!

Monday, July 6


He's home and we love him! Yep, our Greyhound that is, his name is buddy and he is just an amazing dog. He really enjoys brisk walks so I'll be whipped into shape in no time...(I hope!:-P) He does wonderful with the cats around, and loves to eat random things off the counter. I know it's only been one day but I am really enjoying him.

Yesterday we were invited to swim in the neighbors pool and Amelya loved it. We put a life jacket on her and then put her in a floaty and she was off. Honestly I've never allowed that before and was completely a wreck but my baby didn't need me and she had a wonderful time!!

We all just had a very good day yesterday!!

Tuesday, June 30


So, I want more kids and Brian well he says no to more babies but if I could give birth to a 3yr old we'd be in business. Sad story I know. Anyway, I told him well it's a dog or a baby, which was a bad idea because now he wants a puppy. :(

I can handle the puppy because I can always work on the baby part with him later. ;)

Well, we found a 11 wk old puppy at Cascades Humane but she found a home today before we could get a chance to adopt her. Now we are on the hunt once more. It's kinda exciting to know that we are going to be rescuing a dog from a life of uncertainty. There are all these applications and fees associated with adopting a puppy, we could just get one for free my friends has a litter but it feels good knowing were saving him/her. I'm waiting to hear back on an application I'm so excited!

Yuck I just did a sex offender search of my are and there are 17 within like a 14 mile radius from my house. NOT what I want to find out after buying a house... good thing I can see all of their nasty photos and learn who they are and keep my kids away from them.

Saturday, April 4

Work, home, & family

Wow, life has flown by these past few months that I have neglected my blog! If your on my friends list I do get those weekly updates and I read them I just seem to never find time to post a comment back, and I figure I'm on so little you might be freaked out by my crazy 2cents to anything :) !

We've been working on our house, painting and tearing down wall paper to paint again. Currently I'm working on our living room and I've taken on way more then I can chew. Our walls on the first floor are all plaster which is beautiful but there are like 10 layers of old wall paper that I'm trying to scrape off... Needless to say it's not as easy as I thought it might be and the mess is intensely amounting every day!

This is however my first weekend off since November!! That's right and I can't believe it either. We were going to take a trip to Lake Michigan but it's freezing out and I'm sure it will be 20 degrees less by the water so were going to wait till the end of the month when I have yet another weekend off! I know I won't know what to do with myself on these days off :)

My husband has a weekend system where they get up have breakfast, watch cartoons till 10:30 and then do chores. I'm not included in this equation so I'm taking sometime to relax and update my blogs. I'm sure eventually I'll be worked into the weekend schedule that for so long has excluded me until the late afternoon where I would be so tired I just wanted to sleep and prepare for the next early morning. NO I'm not complaining that I have a job I am complaining that I've missed so many weekends and am so excited to have a few off for the Summer months!

Things have been great here, Elizabeth is still in Tap & Jazz and we've switched Eden to Karate which she loves and I'm excited to see her succeed in it because I think it's going to be something that will ground her a little. Elise is doing well she had to have a Cardiologist look at her heart but he said she was fine she just had a juvenile heart murmur. This morning I found a hard mass on the side of her neck so she will be seen for that this coming up week. I'm not going to let my imagination get the best of me on this one!

Well, I should get upstairs I promised Eden if she cleaned her room without me telling her to do it she could walk with me to the gas station and pick out any one pack of gum she wanted. Surprisingly I didn't hear a word out of her till she came down to tell me it was done!

I hope everyone is well~!


Saturday, February 7

Thursday, February 5

U of M & Amelya

Ok, so Saturday Amelya had an appt with her new doctor and things went like I had hopped they would have a year ago. See, when she was about a year I noticed her toes were slightly webbed between the second and third toes. I know it’s sad it took me that long but it’s actually really cute and not horrible and more so on one side then the other. Well, I mentioned it to the doctor and the doctor said “well do you see any problems when she walks?” No we didn’t so the doctor said “oh she’s fine.” Ok, that’s great right, and they also said they heard a heart murmur which I’ve been told is not a huge thing.

Amelya has Syndactyly. Webbing of the fingers and toes is called syndactyly. It refers to the connection of two or more fingers or toes. Webbing usually only involves a skin connection between the two areas, but in rare cases may involve the connection (fusion) of bones.

Relatively common causes:
• Down syndrome
• Hereditary syndactyly
Extremely rare causes:
• Apert syndrome
• Carpenter syndrome
• Cornelia de Lange syndrome
• Pfeiffer syndrome
• Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome
• Using the medication hydantoin during pregnancy (Fetal hydantoin effect)

Everything I’ve ready says it should have been noticed during the hospital stay but HA! They didn’t notice I didn’t even notice, I mean she was a miracle to me from the start we had horrible treatment from the hospital. I was told from the very beginning over the phone that Amelya was not a viable pregnancy. That was the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard. We (Brian and I) had to wait a whole week, believing that we lost the baby already. She was there; we had a beautiful tiny baby 4lbs 9oz!

Also, back to the heart murmur our new doctor thinks it’s of concern enough that she is going to be seen by a specialist for that and as well as a pediatrician at University of Michigan. He’s concerned by her lack of growth and how little she still is, and when I read about a few of the syndromes it’s hard to not fit Amelya in the category but I’m not a specialist and I’m trying really hard not to even look at them.

The worst part of it all is syndactyly is hereditary which means we’ve had 3 wonderful perfect beautiful baby girls and I think that is where it stops. I’ve read that the symptoms of this are worse in boys and who knows if we had more kids how insignificant it could be or how severe and I’m so scared to take that chance. I mean as of a few weeks ago I thought I was pregnant and I would have been so happy, although Brian does not want another child. Could I now knowing that getting pregnant means the possibility of our child not being normal, having all these crazy syndromes or even one, could I have another child. I can’t. I can’t even imagine it; I would be a mess while pregnant. Brian has always asked me why I can’t be satisfied with the children I have but it was never that I didn’t feel satisfied with them it was I wasn’t stratified with the idea or the feeling I had in my heart that we weren’t done yet.

It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done trying to ignore what I feel in my heart and my whole being to shut out the feelings of wanting another child. Yeah we’ve toiled around with the idea of adoption which for some reason Brian is all for. And you know when I think about all of this Brian’s not wanting to have another child he’s so admit and his willingness to adopt maybe that’s one of the biggest signs I could ever have telling me “duh Kassy your done” But it hurts so bad thinking that we obviously need to have Brian get a vasectomy or me a tubal ligation and the thought of that for either of us kills me. I’m almost in tears just writing and reading this.

Anyway, please pray for Amelya that all of her issues with syndactyly are just what she has now and her heart murmur is nothing and she will be fine. She’s such an amazing child and is so smart that I can’t imagine anything being wrong with her.

Friday, January 2



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