Tuesday, June 30


So, I want more kids and Brian well he says no to more babies but if I could give birth to a 3yr old we'd be in business. Sad story I know. Anyway, I told him well it's a dog or a baby, which was a bad idea because now he wants a puppy. :(

I can handle the puppy because I can always work on the baby part with him later. ;)

Well, we found a 11 wk old puppy at Cascades Humane but she found a home today before we could get a chance to adopt her. Now we are on the hunt once more. It's kinda exciting to know that we are going to be rescuing a dog from a life of uncertainty. There are all these applications and fees associated with adopting a puppy, we could just get one for free my friends has a litter but it feels good knowing were saving him/her. I'm waiting to hear back on an application I'm so excited!

Yuck I just did a sex offender search of my are and there are 17 within like a 14 mile radius from my house. NOT what I want to find out after buying a house... good thing I can see all of their nasty photos and learn who they are and keep my kids away from them.