Tuesday, November 18

Happy Birthday!

Today my baby turns 2!

Here is a funny story that I haven't told many...well it's embarrassing but I figure after two years it's ok to tell!

Once upon a time.... No, ok it all started one night at what used to be Foote Hospital. I had given birth to an amazing baby girl but I was so out of it and tired that when I actually gave birth I didn't get to see her and they took her out of the room. Well, I feel asleep and I was just so tired I slept for like 5 hours in between the RN's coming in to push on my stomach which sucks bad. Anyway, as soon as I was able by now 6 hrs after giving birth I wanted to see my baby. They told me she was in the NIC unit so I went there. There were about 7 babies and all in incubators and for their protection they keep the name tags facing away from people as they come into the room. Ok, now you know how they say a mother knows her baby well, I have to say in the mix of it all I wasn't sure. I looked around the room and all the incubators had blue blankets on them so there was one with a pink blanket on it and I was sure that had to be Amelya. I walked over to it with Brian and I was like "is that her?" I turned around and looked at the other babies and I didn't see another with pink and I was like "this has to be her!" Brian was like "I don't think it is." and then I said, "it has to be a mom knows these things."

The funny part was a nurse walked up to us and said "can I help you?" Now this was after I was sure it was our baby and I said "I'm Kassy Dunn" and before I was done with my sentence she said "oh, the Dunn baby she's over here" OMG it wasn't even my baby I was bonding with. Amelya wasn't in a incubator she was all wrapped up under a heat lamp on the other side of the room that I didn't even know was there. What an ass I am. In my defense I was pretty tired.

One look though at Amelya and I knew without a doubt that she was my baby. She was so little weighting 4.9lbs and born at 36wks. It was a pretty easy labor the best part was on push and she was out.

Now, Amelya is about 23lbs, talking, potty trained (training), and starting in with the terrible two's already! I love her so much and am excited to be sharing in this day with her! Happy Birthday Amelya I Love YOU!

Wednesday, November 12

New Car!

So, with recent troubles with a crappy little Honda I suggest Brian buy because we needed a car, we found that we needed a new car so we went car shopping. In the end we chose a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica! I couldn't be happier. It's a lot of money in the end so we hope to pay it off early. I'll have to take some pictures of it to post, but I've been rather under the weather lately and right now I feel like my face is going to explode in a massive explosion of snot. It's gross I know but I had to share it with someone. :) Well a short post for now, I'll write more when I don't feel so under~the~weather!

Thursday, November 6

books to read

so I've gotten sucked into a series of books by the author Iris Johanson. It's completely unlike me to get this wrapped up in a book, I'm not much for reading for pleasure. However, I just can't seem to get enough of this author. I read 4 of her books in a week and now I'm working on two more. I can seem to finish up a book in about 6 hrs that includes distractions. I'm thinking now that this fire is lit I should keep reading but I hope I find something else that captures my imagination like these books. I've been told to read the Twilight series but I can't bring myself to do it. I've been told it will suck me in but I saw the movie poster and now the characters have faces and all I would see is them and not my own image. Kinda weird I know but it spoils it for me.

Ok here is some crazy news we have found a new home for our pigs well rather Pet Supply Plus is finding them a new home. Did you know they will buy your animals from you? 4 guinea pigs for 40 bucks not bad. Just so you know they were horribly stinky and very unfriendly. you could hold them but after you chased them down in their cage where they would fling all of their bedding out in the struggle.
Here is the good news about all of this. We got a Ferret! His name is Rufus and he's wonderful. We are so ferret people I wish we would have known this sooner. He's just like a kitten only funner and he also acts like a human baby he sleeps 18hrs a day, he eats, sleeps and poops what in that sentence doesn't remind you of a baby? He's fixed, descended, up to date on all shots so we just have to take him in for his next round. We've been battling fleas with him and the kittens who he loves, they play like they've been together forever.

I'm going to put the girls to bed and hit the sheets myself I'm fighting off a pretty nasty sinus infection and after being on my feet all day it just takes it's toll on me. I hate seeing patients when I'm like this I just have to keep my distance... :-(