Saturday, April 4

Work, home, & family

Wow, life has flown by these past few months that I have neglected my blog! If your on my friends list I do get those weekly updates and I read them I just seem to never find time to post a comment back, and I figure I'm on so little you might be freaked out by my crazy 2cents to anything :) !

We've been working on our house, painting and tearing down wall paper to paint again. Currently I'm working on our living room and I've taken on way more then I can chew. Our walls on the first floor are all plaster which is beautiful but there are like 10 layers of old wall paper that I'm trying to scrape off... Needless to say it's not as easy as I thought it might be and the mess is intensely amounting every day!

This is however my first weekend off since November!! That's right and I can't believe it either. We were going to take a trip to Lake Michigan but it's freezing out and I'm sure it will be 20 degrees less by the water so were going to wait till the end of the month when I have yet another weekend off! I know I won't know what to do with myself on these days off :)

My husband has a weekend system where they get up have breakfast, watch cartoons till 10:30 and then do chores. I'm not included in this equation so I'm taking sometime to relax and update my blogs. I'm sure eventually I'll be worked into the weekend schedule that for so long has excluded me until the late afternoon where I would be so tired I just wanted to sleep and prepare for the next early morning. NO I'm not complaining that I have a job I am complaining that I've missed so many weekends and am so excited to have a few off for the Summer months!

Things have been great here, Elizabeth is still in Tap & Jazz and we've switched Eden to Karate which she loves and I'm excited to see her succeed in it because I think it's going to be something that will ground her a little. Elise is doing well she had to have a Cardiologist look at her heart but he said she was fine she just had a juvenile heart murmur. This morning I found a hard mass on the side of her neck so she will be seen for that this coming up week. I'm not going to let my imagination get the best of me on this one!

Well, I should get upstairs I promised Eden if she cleaned her room without me telling her to do it she could walk with me to the gas station and pick out any one pack of gum she wanted. Surprisingly I didn't hear a word out of her till she came down to tell me it was done!

I hope everyone is well~!